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Bhutan is a country of medicinal herbs and has many activities available for those travelers seeking a session of peaceful, contemplative meditation, a relaxing soak in a mineral hot spring bath or the all-natural remedies of our traditional medicine. Bhutan has just what you need to revive and rejuvenate your body and spirit. Our many mediation retreats will provide you with places of respite from the cares and stress of everyday life.

Many tourists around the world come to Bhutan specifically for meditation and retreat tours. During your travel in Bhutan you can always find a place for Yoga session and also for meditation. Most of the hotels and village houses provide a place for spiritual well being. One can visit a temple or monastery and do meditation with monks. And if you are on trek on mountains,its the best place for a yoga and meditation where you breath in the fresh air and feel the cool breeze.

Meditation and Yoga on Mountains

Meditation & Yoga

Doing Yoga and meditation

Bhutan is a Mahayana oriented Buddhist country where the practice of Vajrayana Buddhism also has a strong hold. So doing meditation and mediation retreats are a common practice amongst Monks and Buddhist practitioners in Bhutan. You will find a small  retreat centers and hermitages located all over the country, usually next to temples, monasteries and monastic schools.


These retreats and meditation centers provide places of respite from the cares and stress of everyday life. Most Buddhists monks and practioners often venture into the mountains for months at a time to meditate. The retreats provide practitioners with the opportunity to draw upon their inner self and meditate upon the purpose of life.

Many tourists come to Bhutan for meditation and retreat tours. Some itineraries include serious meditation programs that last for days while others offer solitary retreats for few hours in the high hills and temples where the serenity and beauty of nature can be appreciated in undisturbed silence.

Hot Stone bath Therapy

In Bhutan, doing hot stone bath as a healing therapy is very popular and are found in many parts of the country in most of the village farm houses. The medicinal properties of these hot stone bath have been used by the Bhutanese people for centuries to cure various ailments ranging from arthritis to body aches and even sinuses. It is a popular tradition among Bhutanese to visit hot springs during the winter months.


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